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staffing companiesMost people think that if you are hired by a staffing company, you will be branded or pigeonholed and thwarted from getting a ‘real’ job. That may have been true at one time, but now it is an excellent opportunity for a person to start at an entry level position and show the company how good you are by your performance.

Many major companies such as Amazon, Freddie Mac, Microsoft, Starbucks, Visa and other major companies only hire temporary employees at the entry level, and then when it comes to promotions, they go to that pool and select the most qualified.

Another myth is that all entry level jobs are low paying and will remain so. All entry level jobs are lower paying than more permanent jobs, but they are entry level. If you can stick around, you will be promoted if you stay on a schedule and follow the rules. Companies are looking for intelligent and competent people who they can promote and become reliable employees. You may start out at beginner’s pay, but there is a good possibility of being promoted.

Another myth is that staffing companies only work with entry level candidates, but that is not true today. Staffing companies are looking to place all comers, based upon their experience and abilities. Let’s face it, the staffing companies have all the contacts and they are usually on a first name basis of many of the hiring mangers, so they are aware of what employers are looking for.

Don’t sell a staffing agency short when it comes to using them as a resource for new employment. It won’t cost you anything but some time and brushing up your resume to stop by and visit. You might be surprised at what you learn.

auto repairThe rise of automotive repair shops in America came about from the marketplace needing such a system to analyze and repair cars and trucks as needed. They have taken the form of dealer repair and maintenance, dealing with only cars from a particular manufacturer to general repair shops, taking on all comers. There are many specialty shops that specialize in items such as brakes, transmissions, glass repair and installation, and such.

Many individuals who are business minded have been able to start their own business in automobile repair and have built thriving businesses because of their efforts. This has become increasingly difficult as cars have become more and more computerized and technical. The computerization has actually made some of the functions of repairing cars easier, but the technical side of car repair has become increasingly more detailed and involved.

It used to be that most cars, regardless of the make and model, were all fairly similar, with an engine, spark plugs, a carburetor, a transmission, wheels and tires. Now there are so many other systems, parts and procedures, it takes constant study in order to be effective in an automotive repair operation.

On the other hand, increased technological requirements and specialization has opened up new job opportunities for individuals who want to study, learn, and be trained for these areas and then they can go to work in that automotive specialty field and have a fine career.

There are many job opportunities in the automotive repair field that make a good career choice for a person willing to devote time to be trained in that area. Auto body shops are a good example, where a car that has been in an accident, can be made to look brand new in that shop environment.

The auto repair industry is huge, and there is always a place somewhere within it for individuals willing to pursue it.

roof repairWhen it comes to repairing your roof, there are really just two ways to do it: either you do it yourself or you have a roofing contractor do it for you. If you’re on a budget, going the DIY route will give you the savings that you need.  However, if you have the money and don’t have the time, just have someone else do it for you. Call that contractor on your contact list, but if you really insist on doing it yourself, we won’t stop you either. Just keep these basic things in mind:

Safety First

Repairing your roof can be a dangerous job and you should exercise safety precautions. Only do repair jobs in the sunlight and when the roof is completely dry so you won’t slip. Use safety ropes. Wear rubber soled shoes to provide traction when you’re working.

Assess Damage

If your roof is leaking, it might be that only a certain area of the roof needs repair. Most roofs only have localized damages before the entire roof needs to be replaced. There are many kinds of roofs out there but the one that’s easy to fix are shingles roofs because you only need one to replace one shingle at a time. If you have a leaking flat roof, you will need to assess first where the leak is coming from. Usually, however, leaks are caused by low spots in the roof.

Whatever type of roof you have though, just make sure you assess the damage properly.

Prepare Tools

How well you repair your roof basically depends on two things how well you assess the damage and how good your tools are. That said, make sure you have the right tools to fix your roof. If you’re like most people, you’d be able to fix your roof properly even if you’re not that good with your hands.

hiring a pet sitterPet owners will find that they have to go out of town at some point in their lives.  When this happens, they will need to decide what to do with their pet.

One option is to leave the animal at a cattery or kennel.  This is not ideal as the pet will feel displaced from home.  A much more suitable solution is to hire a pet sitter.

A pet sitter is a person who will stay at their client’s home and look after their pet.  Listed below are some of the tasks they will be responsible for while they are pet-sitting:

  • Providing companionship by spending time with the animal.
  • Taking dogs for walks.
  • Letting pets inside the home after outdoor activities.
  • Feeding the animals.
  • Administering any medicine the pet may need.
  • Bathing the pet.

In short, pet sitters act as the animal’s owner while the actual owner is away from their house.

There are a few different ways that consumers can hire a pet sitter.  The first is by asking a friend or family member to do the job.  This is a great idea when someone who already knows the pet is available.  An example of this would be when a consumer who hires a cousin who loves animals.

Pet owners can also advertise for a pet sitter.  They can do this by placing ads in newspapers and on the internet.  The trouble with this method is that consumers will not know if the people who respond to the ads are trustworthy.

Finally, pet owners can use an agency that matches families up with pet sitters.  Although this is the most expensive option, it the safest.  Pet sitter agencies only hire staff that are experienced with animals and have a clean credit and background check.

business innovationYou can use your home as a place to make money through a home based business. However, to be successful you must do plenty of research in advance. Follow the advice in this article to establish and maintain your home business enterprise.

You can deduct certain expenses like meals and entertainment for clients from your earnings when filing your taxes. Meetings with business associates are deemed legal business costs. You must make sure that these are potential clients, if not it is not deductible.

Driving can be written off if it’s for business. Any business related travel expenses can be claimed at tax time. It is important to keep close track of these records in case you are audited in the future.

Determining a fair price-point for any home-made goods you sell is critical, so ensure you have an accurate idea of your production costs. Doubling the price of an item is the general rule of thumb for determining wholesale pricing. Commercial retailers then double the price they paid the wholesaler. This ensures that everyone profits. Make your price-point something both you and your customers can live with.

You should set daily goals for yourself. By setting attainable goals it will help you to stay on track. Set boundaries if you are working out of your home so your family will respect your work and time.

Have some back-up money in case of an emergency. Your business could eventually run into unexpected circumstances where you will need quick access to cash. Having an emergency fund will ensure the continuity of your business. Never withdraw money from your emergency fund unless it is absolutely necessary, and if you do, replace what you took out as soon as you can.

Create a business plan that is detailed and covers the many aspects of running a business. This plan may experience changes over time or be cast aside in favor of a new one. This plan will help you get organized and go through the process of creating a business with a clear goal in mind. You should update your game plan every now and again.

In order to succeed at being a online business owner, you have to be able to take knowledge-based risks to broaden your horizons. Trying out new things will bring in new customers and improve profit. If you always keep the same routine, you will never know if something else would have done better.

Make sure that you create some sort of objective for your business. It should only be a few sentences, and it should provide a description of what your company does. The objective is your go-to description when asked about your business. A prepared statement will help you speak articulately and make a good first impression on potential customers.

While it may seem to entice customers with discounts when you are starting a business, it is a recipe for disaster if you do it too much. Make sure you set up payment terms that are clear for all your invoices and documents, along with a reasonable penalty, like eight percent, over what the invoice amount is, if the overall total isn’t paid within the normal payment terms.

While conducting business in comfortable clothes may be fun at first, you may find yourself missing the professional attire required at your previous job. Going out sometimes during the week will help you to keep up personal interactions.

Set up a “Doing Business As” (DBA) license in your state to register your company. Your local bank can help you, or you can try contacting your local chamber of commerce. You can keep your business and personal money separate, and this method is usually not very costly.

Do you have comprehensive liability insurance? You cannot have customers coming to visit your work from home business without it. Liability insurance protects you in the case of any accidents related to your home business enterprise or that occurs on your property.

Ensure that your home based business is safe and secure. This might require you to invest in proper equipment, and set rules and boundaries. This is quite important for both your family’s safety and to avoid accidents that can cause you to lose money on your business. Your business isn’t immune from inspection just because you work out of your home.

As you can see by now, you can make a lot of money with a successful home based business. If you keep the information shared here in mind and apply the advice to your own business, the sky is the limit.